Parking Passes 2024-2025

Timber Creek Families,

We hope everyone is having a great summer. As the 2024-25 school year approaches, we are excited to share important updates on student parking rules. These changes are designed to enhance safety and convenience for all our students.

The cost of parking permits is $80 this year. Further information on parking permit purchases/processes will be released at a later date.


Rules and Requirements for the Purchase of and Maintaining a Parking Pass at Timber Creek High School

1. To purchase a pass for the current school year, the student must

a. Be a junior or senior currently registered at Timber Creek High School (NO Sophomores or Freshman)

 b. The student must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA

 c. Must be cleared of ALL obligations

2. If you are a Junior or Senior who meets the following criteria, you may fill out the waiting list form. We will contact you if/when spots become available. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a spot.

  • Students (Senior/Junior) without a driver’s license will not be able to apply until after they are in possession of a valid driver's license. They may be placed on a waiting list until they have a valid license.
  • All students applying must have valid insurance at the time of purchase. No exceptions.

3. The OCPS Code of Conduct is in effect in the parking lot. Student vehicles with parking permits are subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband materials are present in the vehicle.

4. Students who fail to comply with personnel at gate entrances and leave the campus unauthorized or with an unauthorized person in their vehicle are subject to revoking their parking permit.

5. The parking pass must be displayed at all times while on campus. The student parking hangtag is the property of OCPS/TCHS.

6. Only seniors with reserved parking spots are allowed to park in their designated student parking spot. The parking spot number and the parking pass should be the same. There are no exceptions.

7. Students parking in a space not assigned to them, parking in an unauthorized area, or not moving their vehicle when asked to move may result in the revocation of their student parking permit. Students who park in the General (open) area may choose any available spot in the designated section.

8. Students who have purchased a senior reserved parking spot are responsible for painting over the existing paint before painting your design in your spot. Timber Creek High School will not paint over the existing designs from the previous school year. Students are responsible for painting and cleaning up painting materials. The administration must approve all designs. There will be a Google Doc where you can upload your design for approval.

9. Parking passes are non-transferable; therefore, the student cannot give, loan, or sell his/her parking pass to another student. Doing so will result in forfeiture of the pass. In such cases, the student will be allowed to be placed on the waiting list to obtain a new pass.

10. Any student caught buying more than one decal will have all transactions declined, and parking privileges for the entire 24-25 school year will be revoked. 

11. Any student caught parking on campus without a decal or using a fake parking decal will be subject to disciplinary action, which could also result in loss of parking privileges for the entire 24-25 school year.

12. Parking violations could result but are not limited to removing other privileges, such as homecoming, grad bash, and prom.

13. A student owning a parking permit may only have 2 vehicles registered to that permit.

14. No sitting in vehicles allowed. a. Students must leave their cars immediately upon parking them on campus. b. Students may not eat lunch in their cars. c. Students may not enter the parking lot during the school day without a pass from the administration.

15. Administration can suspend or revoke a parking pass for school or district policy violations, including unexcused and/or excessive absences or tardiness. Skipping school may result in a loss of parking privileges.

16. If a student has to forfeit their parking pass during the school year, TCHS will not refund the purchase cost.

17. The students must follow state, county, and city driving laws, including reporting accidents and following the posted speed limit. Failure to follow driving laws may result in revocation of the parking privilege.

18. The parking lot speed limit is 5 mph. A pass will be revoked for reckless or dangerous driving.


20. Report lost or stolen parking passes to the TCHS administration immediately. A replacement pass costs $30.00, and the student cannot park on campus until it is purchased.