Parking 24-25

Parking Application:  

24-25 Parking Ticket Purchase Guide - Updated 24-25 Parking Ticket Purchase Guide.docx

TCHS Parking 2024-2025 Checklist - TCHS Parking 2024-2025 (1).pdf

24-25 OCPS Parking Waiver - 24-25 OCPS Parking Waiver.docx (1).pdf

24-25 TCHS Parking Rules - 2024-25 Parking Rules. Agreement TCHS (2).pdf

TCHS Parking
TCHS Parking 2024-25 FAQs

Q. Can my child still purchase a parking decal if they have a driving permit?

A. No. Your student must hold a valid driver's license before purchasing a student decal. Students who do not have a valid driver's license on the date of sale will fill out the waiting list.


Q. When do I pick up my parking decal?

A. On July 25th from 12-4 in the breezeway or during pack is back on July 30th and July 31st. 

Q. What do I need to bring with me to decal pick up?

A. Signed copy of OCPS Waiver. Must be signed by parents and students.

Q. How do I get put on the waiting list?

A. On July 18th, in the afternoon, we will send out two separate google forms one for Seniors and one for Juniors. You will fill out the appropriate form, placing you on the waiting list. Those who already have a license and were unable to get a spot will have priority on the waiting list. 

Q. Will there be OTC Parking spots available? 

A. We will send out information regarding OTC parking spots at the beginning of the new school year. 

Q. When can I paint my parking spot?

A. You cannot begin painting your parking spot until after the parking lot has been resurfaced. If you paint your spot prior, it will be covered up during the resurfacing process. We will send out an announcement and information when spots are allowed to be painted. 

Q. I need to pay my laptop fee obligations but the schoolpay link isn’t working. What should I do?

A. Currently, laptop fines cannot be paid and are on hold for the summer. Having a laptop fee obligation will not stop you from getting a parking pass. ALL other obligations can still be paid. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.