Media Center Policies

 Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Library Media Center open?
* Media Center hours are 7:00 to 2:45
* You May come in before and after school, and at lunch without a pass
* During the regular school hours, a library pass is required from your teacher

How do I find a book?
* Look up a book by author, title, or subject in Destiny

When I can't find a book, what should I do?
* Ask a member of the media staff for help.  They can help you interpret the information on Destiny and help you locate the book you want
What may I checked out
* All of our books may be checked out

How do I check out a book?
* Bring the items you want and your student ID card to the circulation desk.  You should have your ID card to check out a book.

How many books may be checked out at one time?
* Three books at a time

How long may I keep the items I checked out?
* Most books may be checked out for two weeks

Where do I return the items I've checked out?
* Everything should be returned to the book drop, which is located at the Media Center's circulation desk
How will I know if I have overdue library materials?
* The best way to know if your book is overdue is to check the date due card in the back of the book. You may get an overdue notice in your OCPS email telling you that your books are overdue.  You can also look on Destiny to find out about overdue books and other school obligations.

Do you charge overdue fines?
* We no longer charge late fees for library books, but late textbook fees are $5.
Lost library books will result in a fine equal to the replacement fee.

What happens if a book gets lost or damaged while I have it checked out?
* YOU are responsible for anything you check out in your name.  If the item gets lost or damaged, you must pay for the cost of replacing it.  Please do not check out anything for a friend.

What should I know about ID cards?
* ID cards are made with yearbook photos and distributed by the media center to ELA classes. These cards are given to you for free.  Take care of it lost or damaged cards must be replaced and replacement cards are $5

How are textbooks issued?
* Almost all textbooks are available digitally, with select AP textbooks being circulated through the TCHS Media Center.
* Textbooks are issued to students before school and at lunch.
* At the end of the year or term, students must return textbooks personally to the media center.  It is highly recommended that the students check to make sure that the book they are turning in is actually issued to them.
* Students should not leave textbooks in classrooms or give them to teachers or other students to turn in.

* Students will incur obligations for any textbook that is damaged or not returned.  Students must meet all current obligation before they are allowed to purchase parking passes, homecoming or prom tickets and ceremonies.