Library Books, Textbooks and Laptop Information

This summer underclassmen will keep their laptops and chargers. Take good care of them and bring them to school in August to use next year. Please return textbooks as soon as possible. There is a late fee of $5 is your textbook is returned after June 8. The TCHS library is open all summer every day that the school is open. Please stop by and check out a good library book to enjoy!!



Please sign up on the Calendly link for an appointment.  Additional dates will be added, as needed The majority of textbooks are available online, so students should verify that their class requires one before they schedule an appointment.  We do not have Valencia books at this time, but hope to soon. Look for an announcement, next week.  Due to social distancing guidelines, we ask that students only come in the media center for pickup, and face masks are required. Students should have a printed copy of their schedule and come during their 7th period FLEX/Dual Enrollment or after school, when their day’s classes have ended. 


Valencia Textbooks: Students must be logged into their OCPS Google account to access the Valencia Textbook Request form. Pease look for a follow-up email.  As soon as we have the books, we will announce it.


Obligations: All library and digital payments should be made through Schoolpay.  If you need immediate clearance, email Ms. Mahaffey a copy of your receipt.


Calculator Rental: Please pay on Schoolpay, and wait for an email when pickup is available.


Please click on the link below for payment

Textbook Lost and Late Fines

Calculator Rental Fees ($20 full year and $10 half year)