Class/Course Applications

Class/Course Applications 2022-2023 School Year

Honors & AP Art Programs
Use this link to apply for Honors and AP Art Programs

Please contact Zorashka Cestero at [email protected] for questions

Interested in the TC Dance Program?
Click here for an overview of the TC Dance Program
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Click here for the intent to audition form 
Auditions are March 9th
The intent to audition form must be completed by Friday, March 4 if you plan on  auditioning.

Click here to visit the TC Dance Website

Please contact Tara Perry at [email protected] for questions

Latinos in Action (LIA)

What is Latinos in Action

[Latinos in Action image description]
What is Latinos in Action?
Latinos in Action (LIA) offers an asset-based approach to bridging the graduation and opportunity gap for Latino Students, work from within the educational system to create positive change. We accomplish this by focusing on four pillars: leveraging personal and cultural assets, excelling in education, serving the community, and developing leadership skills. 

Why Should You Join Latinos in Action?
Do you want experience in a leadership position? Do you enjoy working with young children? Latinos in Action might be the perfect fit for you? In Latinos in Action you have the opportunity to earn community service hours and prepare yourself for college and career readiness.

Apply Now!
Can the QR code in the image and fill out the application! Submit your application via email to [email protected] Application must be turned in no later than February 1, 2022 by 11:59 pm. If you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected]

*Note: Space is LIMITED in Latinos in Action

Latinos in Action Information (pdf)
Latinos in Action Application (pdf)

PIT Crew Logo

Peer Inclusion Team (PIT Crew) - 

PIT (Peer Inclusion Team) Crew is designed for Timber Creek students to serve as peer supports and mentors to peers with disabilities. This program provides reciprocal academic, social and interpersonal benefits to students with and without disabilities in an inclusive setting.

Click here to access the PIT Crew Application

SGA - Student Government Association

SGA Applications for Incoming 9th Graders and New Members

freshman application 2022-2023.pdf

new member to sga app 2022 - 2023

Application for new members and/or freshman that are applying to enter SGA for the 2021-2022 school year. If you are interested in running for an elected position you will need to attend the meeting in room 553 on March 10th at 1:45. (Elected positions are not open for incoming freshman until August.)

Please contact Dawn Feeney at [email protected] for any questions

Student Assistant Application

Please click here to access the Student Assistant Application