Prom 2023

Prom 2023 Information

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023
Time: 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Location: Hilton Orlando  ||  6001 Destination Parkway  ||  Orlando, FL 32819

Ticket Price: $90.00

The window to submit your prom permission slip has closed.
Students should have submitted their permission slip between Jan. 27-Feb. 27. Please click the link below to join the waitlist. If you are selected off the waitlist, you will be notified via your OCPS email address.

Click Here to Add Your Name to the Waitlist

*Please read through all of the information within the prom permission slip as some changes to the permission slip approval process has changed. 

--Permission slips will be submitted completely digitally this year. Please read through all of the instructions below/on the Prom Permission slip for instructions on how to submit your permission slip for approval.
-- Only Seniors and Juniors may purchase tickets. All permission slips must be submitted by February 24, 2023 and Online ticket sales will end on Friday, March 10, 2032 and tickets will NOT be sold after that date. Students may not purchase their ticket until they have been approved.
-- There is a limit of 1 guest per student. The guest ticket must be purchased at the same time as the junior or senior ticket.

Ticket Approval Process:

  1. Get your permission slip signed: permission slips will be available starting January 27, 2023 on the Timber Creek website –
    • Print out the permission slip and have your parents sign it. The permission slip CANNOT be filled out or signed digitally. Physical signatures are required. Copies will also be available in the front office. All students must have the permission slip signed by a parent even if you are 18.
  2. Complete the Prom Permission Slip Google Form on the TCHS website. Once you have your prom permission slip completed by you and your parent, please fill out the Prom Permission Slip Google Form found on the TCHS website. This Google Form is where you will submit a scan/picture of your signed permission slip.
    • If you are bringing a guest, you will be required to have their signed guest form and copy of their photo ID to finish this Google Form. You must fill out the Google Form for you and your guest AT THE SAME TIME.
  3. Check your eligibility: Once you have submitted the Google Form, the Junior Class Faculty advisor will be reviewing you and your guest’s (if applicable) permission slip to ensure that you meet the criteria. Students will keep the paper copy of the prom permission slip. Paper copies of the permission slip will not need to be submitted. The Prom Permission Slip Google Form serves as submitting your prom permission slip. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THE PROM PERMISSION SLIP GOOGLE FORM. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE PROM PERMISSION SLIP GOOGLE FORM IT IS AS IF YOU DID NOT TURN IN YOUR PERMISSION SLIP. 
    • Guest permission slips will be uploaded to the Prom Permission Slip Google Form. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR GUEST’S PERMISSION SLIP SEPARATELY. Guest’s information will be uploaded in the same Google Form submission as the TCHS student.
    • Once the Junior Class Faculty Advisor reviews your permission slip, she will email you at your OCPS EMAIL ADDRESS with a confirmation email. This email will provide you with additional information on how to purchase your prom ticket. 
    • DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR PROM TICKET UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM the Junior Class Faculty Advisor. If you purchase your ticket prior to receiving your confirmation email, you may be ineligible to attend prom and will not receive a refund.
    • If you do not meet all of the requirements below to attend prom, you will receive an email from the Junior Class Faculty Advisor outlining which requirement(s) you do not meet.
    • We will check that you meet the following requirements:
      • No Obligations
      • Good Discipline Standing
      • DPA: 2.5 unweighted GPA or higher
      • No more than 5 unexcused absences during the 2nd semester
    • You can begin to submit your Google Forms with the signed copy of your permission slip on January 27, 2023. Please remember, all permissions slips will be submitted digitally this year using the Prom Permission Slip Google Form.
  4. Guests (if applicable)
    • Guests who are NOT Timber Creek students must fill out the appropriate form (Prom Non TCHS Student Guest Permission Slip) and BOTH tickets must be picked up at the same time. Guests may NOT be older than 20 years old on the day of prom not may they be middle school students.
    • Guest applications must be submitted with your permission slip to the Prom Permission Slip Google Form between January 27 – February 24, 2023 for approval.
    • Your guest's permission slip must be submitted at the same time as the Timber Creek student’s permission slip using the Prom Permission Slip Google Form.
    • The deadline to submit guest forms is February 24, 2023. Your guest will not be able to attend if their permission slip is submitted after this date.
    • Guests will provide a school administrator or manager’s contact information. You will receive an email from the Junior Class Faculty Advisor informing you if your guest has been approved. This process will take place by March 9, 2023. Students must check their OCPS emails for this guest confirmation email.
  5. Purchase Your Ticket: Once you have been approved to purchase your ticket, you will receive the link to purchase it through School Pay. DO NOT PURCHASE UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH THE LINK TO PURCHASE. If you purchase a ticket on School Pay prior to approval by the Junior Class Faculty Advisor, you will be ineligible to attend and your money will not be refunded.
    • The deadline to purchase your ticket is Friday, March 10, 2023. No tickets will be sold after this date. Once you are approved, please purchase your ticket early to avoid tickets being sold out.
  6. Pickup Your Ticket: Tickets will be available for pickup in the Courtyard on April 24 & 25th. Bring a PRINTED COPY of your School Pay Receipt and a photo ID to pick up your ticket.
  7. Day of Dance: students must bring a photo ID and their physical ticket with them to the dance.
Other Prom Information:
  •  Arrival: Doors to prom will open at 7:30 and a plated dinner will be served at 7:45pm. It is important to be on time as students will not be allowed to enter after 8:30pm.
  • Prom Court Information:
    • Seniors attending Prom will nominate for Prom King & Queen. These nominations will take place through the Student Body Canvas Page.
    • Nominations will begin on April 10, 2023 and will end on April 14, 2023 @ 2:20pm
    • Only seniors may nomination and only seniors will be on court.
    • Nominees must meet all requirements for attending Prom (see above).
    • Homecoming King & Queen are not eligible to become Prom King and Queen
    • Prom Court will be announced through social media on April 14, 2023
    • All Juniors & Seniors will be able to vote for Prom King & Queen through the Student Body Canvas Course. Voting will begin on Monday, April 24, 2023 and will end Friday, April 28, 2023 at 2:20pm.
  • You may not stay at the hotel. We have asked the Hilton Orlando to now allow our students to stay at the hotel unless your parent is staying there with you.
  • No Party Buses: Timber Creek High School discourages the use of unchaperoned party buses for transportation to and from Prom.
  • Attire: : Long, formal dresses, tuxedos or suits with a tie are appropriate attire for this formal event. If you have questions about your attire, please get it approved the Junior Class Faculty Advisor.
  • Code of Conduct: All of the rules outlined in the OCPS Student Code of Conduct apply to this school function.
  • ** Please remember that discipline issues could result in students not being able to walk at graduation. **

Prom Ticket Checklist for Students

 Date  Description
Jan.27,2023                                Prom permission slip released on Timber Creek website

Permission slips below will be available January 27, 2023

Timber Creek High School Prom Permission Slip (9th or 10th grade students who are attending as a guest of a junior or senior will also fill out this form. Please make sure the guest's permission slip is attached to the Junior/Senior permission slip) 

Timber Creek High School Guest Permission Slip (non TCHS student)

Timber Creek High School Prom Permission Slip Google Form (or waitlist) - this Google Form MUST be completed by all Juniors and Seniors attending Prom. This Google Form is how you will be submitting your permission slip digitally for approval. If you are a Junior or Senior who is bringing a 9th/10th grade TCHS student as a guest or bringing a guest that is NOT a TCHS student, please make sure you have their information ready as you will be required to fill out information on their behalf in this Google Form.  If you do not submit this Google Form with a picture/scan of the permission slip you completed (above) it is as if you did not turn in your permission slip. 
JAN. 27, 2023 - FEB. 24 2023 1. Print prom permission slip and get it signed by a parent. All fields on the permission slip must be handwritten/signed. Do not fill out/sign the permission slip digitally. 

  1. Complete the Prom Permission Slip Google Form (located above)
  2. Submit guest permission slips with your permission slip during this time.

If you are bringing a guest, guest permission slips need to be submitted to the Prom Permission Slip Google Form (above) along with your permission slip
MAR 9, 2023 Guest references will be contacted and approved by this date.

APR 24, 2023 

APR. 25, 2023
Prom tickets can be picked up in the courtyard during A and B lunch. Students must have their physical ticket with them at prom to check in.
APR 29, 2023 Prom at Orlando Hilton. Students must have their physical ticket and a photo ID to attend prom.