Study Hall on Saturdays

Study Hall on Saturday
Study Hall on Saturday Information

What is the purpose of Study Hall on Saturdays?

Study Hall is not meant to be a punishment.  It is a place where students can go to get caught up on missing work, make up a test, work on a project or work on Edgenuity in a calm and relaxed environment.


What are the hours and where is Study Hall?

Study Hall is held in Room 527 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon every Saturday except when the school is closed down for holidays or if the campus is being used for a major event.


What is Study Hall meant for?

-          Make up tests, or make up tests

-          Work on Edgenuity coursework

-          Use the room as a study session, students can use their laptops or classroom desktops


Do students have to attend the entire four hours that Study Hall is open?

No.  Students may come in at any time that we are open and can leave once they have completed their assigned work.  Remind students to give themselves enough time to complete the work/test that they have been assigned.