2022-2023 Course Selection Information

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  Course Descriptions

Timber Creek’s School Wide Curriculum Day is on February 2nd. Curriculum Day is a day for teachers to highlight their classes and subject areas and for elective teachers to get the word out about their electives. Each teacher will use this day (periods 1 – 7) to talk with students specifically about his/her subject area and make recommendations for what classes students should take for the next school year. The idea is to ensure that students have a clear understanding of the requirements, prerequisites, work ethic, and teacher expectations of students taking various levels of each subject area.


Students will be completing their 2022-2023 Course Selection Form Virtually this school year. The links to the virtual forms (below) will be activated on February 2nd.

    • Rising 10th Grade 2022-2023 Course Selection Form
    • Rising 11th Grade 2022-2023 Course Selection Form
    • Rising 12th Grade 2022-2023 Course Selection Form


School counselors will be meeting with students individually scheduled through their English classes to review their course selections and address any questions they may have. If you do not have an English course on campus at Timber Creek, your school counselor will reach out to you to make an appointment to review your course selections.